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Beginning Visual C# 2010 (Repost)
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Beginning Visual C# 2010 By Karli Watson, Christian Nagel, Jacob Hammer Pedersen, Jon D. Reid, Morgan Skinner
Publisher: Wrox 2010 | 108 Pages | ISBN: 0470502266 | PDF | 19 MB


Learn programming with C# 2010 and the .NET framework


Beginning with C# 2010 programming basics such as variables, flow control, and object oriented programming, this invaluable book then moves into web and Windows programming and data access (databases and XML). All the while, the expert team of authors focuses on the tools that you need to program C#, the Visual C# 2010 development environment in Visual Studio® 2010. The step-by-step instructions and constructive examples featured throughout the book will show you how to program confidently with useful code in C# 2010.


Beginning Visual C# 2010:


Explains basic C# 2010 syntax, including variables and expressions


Reviews generics and explains how to define and use them


Covers Windows programming and Windows Forms


Examines language enhancements, Lambda expressions, and extension methods


Shows how to deploy Windows applications


Discusses XML and provides an introduction to LINQ


Delves into debugging and error handling


Demonstrates useful techniques for WPF and WCF


Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that will guide you through all the techniques involved.


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