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Apress - LINQ for Visual C# 2008
Ngày cập nhật: 13/04/2009 2:42:00 CH
Người cập nhật: thanhtungo@yahoo.com
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Every C# programmer needs to learn about LINQ (Language–lIntegrated Query), Microsoft’s breakthrough technology for simplifying and unifying data access from any data source. With LINQ you can write more elegant and flexible code not just to access databases and files but to manipulate data structures and XML.

This book is a short yet comprehensive guide to the major features of LINQ and the significant enhancements introduced with .NET 3.5. There is no better source for getting a head–start on the future of these technologies than this book.

  • A clear and comprehensive yet concise introduction to using LINQ in C#
  • Covers LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to DataSet, and LINQ to XML
  • Rich in working examples of LINQ in action
  • Ideal for C# programmers at any level

Author Information

Fabio Claudio Ferracchiati

A prolific writer on cutting-edge technologies, Fabio Claudio Ferracchiati has contributed to over a dozen books on .NET, C#, Visual Basic, and ASP.NET. He is a .NET MCSD and lives in Milan, Italy. You can read his blog at www.ferracchiati.com.


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