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Pro HTML5 with Visual Studio 2015
Ngày cập nhật: 23/07/2015 10:55:12 CH
Lượt xem: 1.441    Lượt tải: 32    Bình luận: 0
Pro HTML5 with Visual Studio 2015 is written to help ASP.NET developers make the leap to the inevitable and exciting world of HTML5. With this book, you'll quickly master the new HTML elements, the improved CSS features, and advanced content including audio, video, canvas, SVG, and drag and drop capabilities. You will also learn how your enterprise applications can benefit from some brand-new technology such as web workers and web sockets. Using practical hands-on demonstrations you will learn all of the really cool features that you can start using now, within your existing ASP.NET applications. HTML5 promises to revolutionize the way web sites are developed with an impressive set of built-in client-side features.
Head First Web Design
Ngày cập nhật: 06/03/2014 12:07:27 SA
Lượt xem: 2.401    Lượt tải: 196    Bình luận: 0
Want to know how to make your pages look beautiful, communicate your message effectively, guide visitors through your website with ease, and get everything approved by the accessibility and usability police at the same time? Head First Web Design is your ticket to mastering all of these complex topics, and understanding what's really going on in the world of web design. Whether you're building a personal blog or a corporate website, there's a lot more to web design than div's and CSS selectors, but what do you really need to know? With this book, you'll learn the secrets of designing effective, user-friendly sites, from customer requirements to hand-drawn storyboards all the way to finished HTML and CSS creations that offer an unforgettable online presence.
Head First HTML5 Programming
Ngày cập nhật: 06/03/2014 12:06:26 SA
Lượt xem: 1.344    Lượt tải: 172    Bình luận: 0
HTML has been on a wild ride. Sure, HTML started as a mere markup language, but more recently HTML's put on some major muscle. Now we've got a language tuned for building web applications with Web storage, 2D drawing, offline support, sockets and threads, and more. And to speak this language you've got to go beyond HTML5 markup and into the world of the DOM, events, and JavaScript APIs. Now you probably already know all about HTML markup (otherwise known as structure) and you know all aboutCSS style (presentation), but what you've been missing is JavaScript (behavior). If all you know about are structure and presentation, you can create some great looking pages, but they're still just pages. When you add behavior with JavaScript, you can create an interactive experience; even better, you can create full blown web applications.
Head First HTML and CSS, 2nd Edition
Ngày cập nhật: 06/03/2014 12:04:17 SA
Lượt xem: 1.264    Lượt tải: 151    Bình luận: 0
Tired of reading HTML books that only make sense after you're an expert? Then it's about time you picked up Head First HTML and really learned HTML. You want to learn HTML so you can finally create those web pages you've always wanted, so you can communicate more effectively with friends, family, fans, and fanatic customers. You also want to do it right so you can actually maintain and expand your web pages over time so they work in all browsers and mobile devices. Learn the real secrets of creating web pages, and why everything your boss told you about HTML tables is probably wrong (and what to do instead). Most importantly, hold your own with your co-worker (and impress cocktail party guests) when he casually mentions how his HTML is now strict, and his CSS is in an external style sheet.
Head First Mobile Web
Ngày cập nhật: 06/03/2014 12:01:05 SA
Lượt xem: 605    Lượt tải: 81    Bình luận: 0
Mobile web usage is exploding. Soon, more web browsing will take place on phones and tablets than PCs. Your business needs a mobile strategy, but where do you start? Head First Mobile Web shows how to use the web tech- nology you’re already familiar with to make sites and apps that work on any device of any size. Put your JavaScript, CSS media query, and HTML5 skills to work, and then optimize your site to perform its best in the demanding mobile market. Along the way, you’ll discover how to adapt your business strategy to target specific devices.
Head First jQuery
Ngày cập nhật: 05/03/2014 11:58:07 CH
Lượt xem: 708    Lượt tải: 106    Bình luận: 0
Want to add more interactivity and polish to your websites? Discover how jQuery can help you build complex scripting functionality in just a few lines of code. With Head First jQuery, you'll quickly get up to speed on this amazing JavaScript library by learning how to navigate HTML documents while handling events, effects, callbacks, and animations. By the time you've completed the book, you'll be incorporating Ajax apps, working seamlessly with HTML and CSS, and handling data with PHP, MySQL and JSON. If you want to learn - and understand - how to create interactive web pages, unobtrusive script, and cool animations that don't kill your browser, this book is for you.
Head First Ajax
Ngày cập nhật: 05/03/2014 11:57:31 CH
Lượt xem: 640    Lượt tải: 102    Bình luận: 0
Head First Ajax gives you an up-to-date perspective that lets you see exactly what you can do -- and has been done -- with Ajax. Using the unique and highly effective visual format that makes Head First titles popular, this book offers a big picture overview to introduce Ajax, and then explores the use of individual Ajax components -- including the JavaScript event model, DOM, XML, JSON, and more -- as it progresses.
Head First JavaScript
Ngày cập nhật: 05/03/2014 11:56:36 CH
Lượt xem: 797    Lượt tải: 107    Bình luận: 0
Want to make the leap from writing HTML and CSS web pages and create dynamic web applications? Want to take your web skills to the next level? It sounds like you're ready to learn the Web's hottest programming language: JavaScript. Head First JavaScript is your ticket to going beyond copying and pasting the code from someone else's web site, and writing your own interactive web pages.
Teach Yourself Visually Search Engine Optimization
Ngày cập nhật: 19/08/2013 10:34:56 SA
Lượt xem: 736    Lượt tải: 50    Bình luận: 0
Whether promoting yourself, your business, or your hobbies and interest, you want your website or blog to appear near the top when your customers search. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is increasingly essential to businesses. This full-color, step-by-step guide demonstrates key SEO concepts and practices in an easy-to-follow visual format. Learn how to set up your website and what to implement to help your business or product make a great showing in search results.
Learning from jQuery
Ngày cập nhật: 18/02/2013 11:39:59 SA
Lượt xem: 1.139    Lượt tải: 91    Bình luận: 0
If you're comfortable with jQuery but a bit shaky with JavaScript, this concise guide will help you expand your knowledge of the language - especially the code that jQuery covers up for you. Many jQuery devotees write as little code as possible, but with some JavaScript under your belt, you can prevent errors, reduce overhead, and make your application code more efficient. This book explores event handling, prototypes, and working with the DOM and AJAX through examples and lots of code. You'll learn common conventions and patterns in JavaScript and - if you've never coded with JavaScript before—a tutorial will take you through the basics.
HTML5 for .NET Developers
Ngày cập nhật: 05/02/2013 11:00:00 SA
Lượt xem: 1.270    Lượt tải: 158    Bình luận: 0
HTML5 for .NET Developers teaches you how to blend HTML5 with your current .NET tools and practices. You'll start with a quick overview of the new HTML5 features and the semantic markup model. Then, you'll systematically work through the JavaScript APIs as you learn to build single page web apps that look and work like desktop apps. Along the way, you'll get tips and learn techniques that will prepare you to build "metro-style" applications for Windows 8 and WP 8.
Pro CSS3 Animation
Ngày cập nhật: 05/02/2013 10:59:12 SA
Lượt xem: 1.232    Lượt tải: 136    Bình luận: 0
Pro CSS3 Animation will teach you how to use fresh new CSS3 syntax to fully utilize this exciting tool for web design. Using cutting-edge industry standards and drawing on best practices for animation, you will learn how to apply CSS3 animation to transform and bring your page content to life. CSS3 is the way forward for web page interactivity and animation, offering new and exciting options for design. Integrated with HTML5, SVG and mobile design methodologies, you can bring sites into the third dimension to change the perception and appreciation generated in your audience.
Hello! HTML5 & CSS3
Ngày cập nhật: 03/11/2012 7:47:46 SA
Lượt xem: 803    Lượt tải: 143    Bình luận: 0
Whether you're building web pages, mobile apps, or desktop apps, you need to learn HTML5 and CSS3. So why wait? Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 is a smart, snappy, and fun way to get started now.
Beginning CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design
Ngày cập nhật: 17/06/2011 11:49:38 SA
Lượt xem: 1.171    Lượt tải: 153    Bình luận: 2
Publisher: W.r.o.x; 3 edition 2011 | 464 Pages | ISBN: 0470891521 | PDF | 20 MB
jQuery 1.4 Reference Guide
Ngày cập nhật: 25/06/2010 8:54:46 SA
Lượt xem: 1.594    Lượt tải: 212    Bình luận: 3
To make optimal use of jQuery, it's good to keep in mind the breadth of capabilities it provides. You can add dynamic, interactive elements to your sites with reduced development time using jQuery. If you are looking for a comprehensive reference guide to this popular JavaScript library, this book is for you.
Silverlight 4: Problem - Design - Solution
Ngày cập nhật: 08/05/2010 10:26:08 CH
Lượt xem: 1.362    Lượt tải: 147    Bình luận: 6
A hands-on guide to Microsoft’s latest rich application development technology: Silverlight 4Silverlight 4 is the newest version of the rich Internet application toolkit that provides support for .NET capabilities over the Internet. With this latest release of Silverlight, Microsoft has revolutionized the way that Web applications can be created. This book uses the popular Problem – Design – Solution strategy to demonstrate how to harness the power and abilities of Silverlight 4 to add value to the overall user experience of a Web site.
Hello! Flex 4 (With Source Code)
Ngày cập nhật: 20/01/2010 1:58:02 CH
Lượt xem: 1.096    Lượt tải: 74    Bình luận: 0
Flex should be as easy to learn as it is to use. And with Hello! Flex 4, it is! This illustrated tutorial builds your know-how from the first Hello World example up to a practitioner level using an entertaining style that makes learning a breeze. You'll learn to make easy-to-use interfaces, eye-catching animations, and powerful data-driven features.Hello! Flex 4 progresses through 26 self-contained examples selected so you can progressively master Flex. They vary from small one-page apps, to a 3D rotat ...
Ext JS in Action (MEAP edition)
Ngày cập nhật: 19/01/2010 4:49:17 CH
Lượt xem: 1.219    Lượt tải: 87    Bình luận: 1
javascript has come a long way from its former reputation as a "toy language." The many frameworks, libraries and object oriented development techniques now in use are breathing new life into the language. Ext JS, a cross-browser javascript library for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA), has emerged from this mix as a one of the clear leaders. Ext JS combines an extensive library of super-high-quality widgets, an intuitive, extensible component model, and an easy-to-use API to create a ...
jQuery UI 1.7: The User Interface Library for jQuery
Ngày cập nhật: 05/12/2009 10:57:45 CH
Lượt xem: 1.203    Lượt tải: 116    Bình luận: 4
Build highly interactive web applications with ready-to-use widgets from the jQuery User Interface library* Organize your interfaces with reusable widgets: accordions, date pickers, dialogs, sliders, tabs, and more* Enhance the interactivity of your pages by making elements drag-and-droppable, sortable, selectable, and resizable* Packed [...]
CSS: The Missing Manual (2009) 2nd Edition
Ngày cập nhật: 18/09/2009 1:58:29 CH
Lượt xem: 920    Lượt tải: 97    Bình luận: 0
Cascading Style Sheets can turn humdrum websites into highly-functional, professional-looking destinations, but many designers merely treat CSS as window-dressing to spruce up their site’s appearance. You can tap into the real power of this tool with CSS: The Missing Manual.

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